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Originally from Northern California, Mariah Harkey is an award-winning filmmaker and content creator now based in Venice Beach, California. She has spent the last 7+ years shooting unique short-form social video for Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and now TikTok. Her content style is colorful, quirky and often people focused.


In 2018, she sailed around the world to 11 countries in 4 months as Semester at Sea’s on-ship documentary videographer, and most recently in 2022 was the BTS shooter/producer for MTV’s new travel series “SAMPLED” - now streaming on Paramount+. 

Today, she creates social video content for brands, artists, events, influencers and travel/tourism companies. 

Interested in working on a project together?


Short-form Event/Show Capture and Recaps

Live Festival Edits + GIF/Animation Edits

BTS - social video for brands, artists, influencers, TV

TikTok/IG Reels: Iphone + Sony

Brand/About Us Videos

I was recently on a podcast! Have a listen:

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