Brands &


Primarily focusing in hospitality and with food & beverage clients, I have worked with a handful of restaurants, wineries and unique companies to visually tell

the story of their brand. 

Whether it's an in-depth brand overview video, or just a fun social media video overview of a restaurant, there's an opportunity for every business to have their story told through video.


Living Spaces

In 2021, I accepted a position working full-time with the Living Spaces Furniture studio team. As  a Video Specialist, I work hand-in-hand with our Senior Video Director, Matt Odom, to assist on all things video at Living Spaces. This includes shooting, editing, ingesting footage, making select strings, setting up our RED cameras + Sony cameras, slating, and other various needs on set.

When we aren't shooting or editing commercial spots, I primarily focus on creating short-form social content for the LS instagram, a few seen below.

Currently during my time with Living Spaces, I've spearheaded a new social series, "Styling the Set," to get a birds-eye view behind the scenes of our commercial shoots. Our pilot episode is the first video to the left (below).