Looking ahead, I'm eager to create more impactful and meaningful content, which goes hand in hand with nonprofit and purpose-driven projects.

I'm passionate about many causes - a few standouts being illegal wildlife trading, hunger and homelessness, and environmental issues.

If you are a nonprofit and are interested in having photo/video work done, please do not hesitate to reach out! I would love to create for companies with a message worth sharing.



In recent years, I've gained a strong desire to film people that are doing good in the world, as well as topics with a deeper meaning that are meant to ignite discussion.


More specific, I've thoroughly enjoyed filming profile pieces that are led by a subject's audio. I want to hear their tone, see their fascination and feel their emotion of these pieces through their own voice. 


They're driven by passion, and allow the viewer to learn something, or think more in-depth about a subject after watching the video. These pieces might also call the viewer to take action on a cause or topic.