At Sea

Semester at Sea is a multi-country, study abroad program that takes places on a ship. The 500 students on the voyage visit 10 countries in one semester.


As the Multimedia Specialist in the Fall of 2018,

I had the privilege of documenting the voyage through photo, video and audio assets. This content furthered the education program’s goals, message and enrollment needs, while staying true to their brand. 


I handled all producing, directing, filming, editing, sound mixing, color grading, audio and creative control on the productions seen below.

Notable: “A Day in the Life video garnered 2 million+ views on Youtube (their highest viewed video online)




While working full-time as a Video Producer for Tastemade in 2019 - 2021, I managed an international network of 50+ filmmakers to create editorial video for Tastemade Travel’s top-performing format, Spotlight.


Within this role, I oversaw and coordinated 150+ external video productions from pre through post production.

Notable: I successfully pitched, filmed and edited various social-forward videos (seen below), including

Cool Travel Jobs and Green Your House pilots, 

increasing Tastemade's branded content offerings.

Hosted Content

In both personal and freelance work, I am constantly growing my own branded presence

via social media and hosted content.

My personal travel expertise falls into the categories of budget travel, off-the-grid experiences and local finds.


I'm passionate for finding out-of-the-norm experiences that tourists can be a part of, while interacting with locals to gain an understanding of the culture and traditions.

If you have an Instagram Story, IGTV, or short-form

video you think I might be a good fit for,

please don't hesitate to reach out!