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Israel Photo Journal: November 2017

I embarked on a trip of a lifetime in November of 2017 to the Holy Land of Israel, spending ten days on a tour alongside my church, Spring Hills. Below is a collection of my favorite memories captured while in Israel, sectioned into different subjects:

Israeli Street Foods + Markets

From endless baklava to everyday pantry finds, the Israeli markets were a sight to be seen and experienced. Each market or food stand that we visited had it's own unique story and product. A favorite memory of mine during my travels was visiting the Mehane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem, a very local-heavy market of fishmongers, street vendors, chefs, farmers and more.

Moments on the Western Wall: Jerusalem, Israel

I was a bit nervous to head to The Western Wall in Jerusalem, in which I am still trying to find the reason why. I think I was overwhelmed with the reputation it has in Israel and throughout the world as one of the holiest sites that you can still visit today. I wrote down my prayers as the rest of my group did, walked straight up to the wall and wedged my little crumbled up notepad paper into one of the cracks of the Western Wall.

Although this connection was not mine to have, it was incredible to experience the spiritual connection while visiting the wall through the hundreds of other women around me. Left and right, Jewish women, African-American women, grandmothers, children, mothers - women of all backgrounds and ages - were here in solidarity to experience this as well.

Architecture + Famous Sites in Israel

Portraits in Israel

Want to watch instead? See the video I created from my trip below:


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