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Burano & Murano: Italy's Most Colorful Islands

Want to take a trip to a photographer's paradise? A short (& cheap) boat ride from the iconic Italian city of Venice will take you to the picturesque islands of Burano and Murano, found just North of the city in the Venetian Lagoon.

The tour itself starts bright and early, in which we took the time walking to our meeting location to stroll through Piazza San Marco at about 7am. Let me tell you - we were one of the only ones, too! When we revisited the Piazza again in the afternoon, we were shocked at the amount of people there was during mid-day. If you can do it, the early morning is so worth seeing golden hour over St Mark's Basilica.

We hopped onto the 20 euro half-day tour with Veneto Inside, and we were officially on our way to experience one of the "most colorful cities in the world." Here's a few shots from the time we spent there:

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